Brooke Blashill is a creative conductor, a generous influencer, and a marketing guru in the creative world.  This year she is not only responsible for creating and launching 'The Boutique' division at Ogilvy, and proudly and passionately advises the 'Global Fashion Exchange.'  Don't be fooled by her big blue doe-eyes, this woman is the boss. 

Photography by Germano Chu

Silver 'Linda' Duel Pleat Gown, Liquid Silver Pinned Leather Belt

Silver 'Linda' Duel Pleat Gown, Liquid Silver Pinned Leather Belt

How do you define what you do?

Marketer, creative director, entrepreneur and eco advocate  

I’m the founder and director of The Boutique, a retail division at Ogilvy that develops campaigns and strategic partnerships in the fashion space. I’m leading work for companies like PUMA, Intel and Bruno Magli and creating collaborations with designers such as Stella McCartney, Alexander Wang and Anna Sui. 

I’m a strong supporter of sustainable and American made brands. I work with emerging designers and organizations that share those same beliefs and you can frequently find me curating or sitting on panels discussing the future of fashion and its convergence with technology. 

Is this what you wanted to be when you 'grow up'?  

I knew I needed to be in a creative field. When I was young I used to write plays and get everyone in the neighborhood to perform…I was a bossy director! From there, I became dedicated to classical ballet and played the piano. As I got older, I thought I was going to be a writer or music agent. Looking back, all these ideas were about finding a creative platform to tell a story…and now I have that outlet through my career in fashion. 

Did you have a mentor or muse growing up?

My grandmother was a major inspiration. She grew up in the 1920s and was one of the first lingerie models. She was independent, always spoke her mind and was incredibly glamorous…never left the house without wearing lipstick. She had a huge heart and believed in celebrating every day. She told me I could be anything I want in life; there is no dream too big.  

Who or what is your favorite client or project you've worked on?

I’m on the advisory board of the Global Fashion Exchange, an initiative to raise awareness for sustainability in the fashion industry. We host cultural events, discussions and clothing swaps around the world to inspire and educate people to think responsibly about their clothing. In the last year the program has saved 10 tons of clothes from going to landfills, received great accolades from the press and gained the support of big brands like H&M.  

What is your dream assignment? (more what I want to do in the future…) 

To own an ethical, luxury fashion company  

What's important to you about your personal style?  

It needs to be fun! As my style has evolved, I only try to buy items that I know I’m going to be excited to wear time and again.

What is your favorite dish to eat in public?

Foie gras in Paris 

Most satisfying ritual?


When do you feel most empowered?

When I can help someone else succeed or when I’m working on a project that truly makes a difference in the world  

What do you wish you could say to every woman? 

Appreciate the place you’re in right now. Sometimes it’s easy to get impatient when you’re working towards a goal but I’ve learned the best breakthroughs happen when you practice gratitude.  

What are you obsessed with right now? 

Top three…

My dog Rubie, she’s a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.   

Detroit, I grew up there and its awesome to see the cultural revitalization happening right now. 

Diamond broaches, I just found some cool vintage ones and I’m pinning them on everything!


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